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ELS NOVEMBER – hedge and ditch bank cutting continues as does ditch cleaning.

Pre-winter stewardship check list:

Take photos of wild bird seed mix (winter bird food) plots, overwinter stubble fields and winter cover crops as evidence, should you have an inspection.

Clear out gutters and check traditional farm buildings are weatherproof.

Check new hedges to see if any failed whips need replacing.


Supplementary Feeding - EF23/HF24 and AB12

If you have this option in your agreement then now is the time to get your orders in. Under Ab12 there is little guidance as to what a 'small seed mix' should comprise but our view is that you should keep it similar to the EF23 i.e. 75% wheat and oilseed rape and 25% other small seeds ( e.g. millet, linseed, sunflower hearts, canary seed.)

We can make up bespoke mixes or we have a 3 'standard mixes'  packed in 25kg bags or ½ tonne bags. Please contact the office to discuss your requirements on 01480 890686

Hedging and trees if you are looking to plant a hedge or a new wood this winter please give us a call. We source all of our plants from an excellent, family-run Nursery in Yorkshire and the quality of the plants is exceptional. 

Woodland Management Plans - Oakbank can help you design and submit woodland management plans for capital funding. We not only look at it from a woodland improvement aspect but also from a shooting point of view, should shooting be an important element of your farm / estate.