GWCT Partridge Mixes

We have been working with the GWCT at Rotherfield Park to try and improve the habitat for their grey partridge restoration project with considerable success. Dr Francis Buner who carries out the scientific monitoring on the Estate is also involved with a new North-European sustainable management intereg project called PARTRIDGE  which will showcase best practice models at ten 500-hectare farmland demonstration sites in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. In conjunction with GWCT and European Partners we have developed four mixes as part of this exciting new, cross-nation initiative to help recover grey partridges across their native range. They include a GWCT margin mix, a GWCT meadow mix, a GWCT wildbird seed mix and a GWCT nectar mix and are all compliant with the new Countryside Stewardship Scheme (AB1/AB8/AB9). You can buy these mixes for your own project and for every hectare pack we sell, we will donate  upto £25 to the PARTRIDGE project.

GWCT Wild Bird Seed Mixes


Margin Mix – 20kg (hectare pack). Uses robust flowers and herbs as well as taller grasses to provide a diverse sward as well as some winter cover. If you want a relatively easy to manage floristic margin or plot, then this is for you.

Contains 95% non-tussocky grasses (slender creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, smooth stalked meadow grass, meadow fescue, crested dogstail, lesser catstail) 5% native flowers (yarrow, black knapweed, oxeye daisy, teasel, tansy, red campion, musk mallow, wild carrot).

Meadow Mix – 12kg (hectare pack). A more traditional wild flower meadow to deliver an insect-rich sward as well as some height and winter protection for the greys.

Contains 87.5% non-tussocky grasses (slender creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, smooth stalked meadow grass, meadow fescue, crested dogstail, common bent) 12.5% native flowers (wild red clover, field scabious, birdsfoot trefoil, yarrow, black knapweed, oxeye daisy, teasel, selfheal, lady’s bedstraw, wild marjoram, red campion, musk mallow, wild carrot, tufted vetch)

Nectar Mix – 12kg (hectare pack). Agricultural legumes and native flowers not only provide a long-term source of insects but also, by including species such as chicory, teasel and sweet clover can provide fantastic winter cover if managed correctly.

Contains sainfoin (ag), choice chicory (ag), red clover (ag), common vetch (ag), black medic (ag), yarrow (ag), birdsfoot trefoil (N), black knapweed (N), wild carrot (N), oxeye daisy (N), sweet clover (ag), teasel (N), musk mallow (N).


Wild Bird Seed Mix – 20kg (hectare pack). Based on traditional wild bird seed species such as kale, triticale and fodder radish this mix has some additional species to deliver more in the way of brood rearing cover as well as extending the longevity of the crop. Species such as sweet fennel and perennial rye as well as chicory, lucerne and teasel help extend the useful life of the crop whilst sunflowers, mustard and camelina deliver additional food in the first winter.

Contains spring triticale (SPD treated), kale (Cruiser SB treated), sunflower, sweet fennel, lucerne, fodder radish, camelina, vetch, perennial rye, teasel, mustard, chicory.

During 2017, we have donated £910.00 for the Partridge Project