Supplementary Feed

The Supplementary Feeding option (AB12 or EF23/HF24 in the older scheme) has been a great success for farmland birds.  This method of filling the "Hungry Gap" when the seed supplies in Wild Bird Seed Mixtures runs out has been an essential lifeline for many endangered species.

Oakbank supply a large tonnage of these seed mixes every year and can offer a complete range for all situations.  Sadly, the guidance from the website is woefully inadequate, but we strongly recommend that a range of species are used to provide food sources of different constituents and sizes.  Oakbank offer a small number of standard mixes but we can also mix seeds to order or supply straights for on-farm mixing.  Many clients use their own wheat and / or oilseed rape and just buy in a small seed mix, this is usually the most cost-effective solution for large scale feeding.  However, if you are doing a limited tonnage through a spinner / spreader, using seed quality wheat can make life easier as it is dust-free and can be ready packed in 25kg or bulk bags.

For more information please contact the office.