Wild Bird Seed Mixtures

Wild Bird Seed Mixture

The various Stewardship Schemes have different rules depending upon which scheme you are in and which option you have chosen.  If you are not sure, please contact Oakbank to discuss what you are looking for and how to get the best out of it.  We are closely involved with Natural England in this area, running training sessions for their advisors and consulting about mixture configurations.  Our experience is that NE are looking for growers to be successful, so the rules are not there to make this harder.  We can provide a full agronomy package for your mixture.

Our standard mixtures cover a wide range of situations, but we also offer a Bespoke Mixing service when required.

Gamemix 109 8kg

Suitable for CSS, ELS and Game Cover

This is an inexpensive mix, ideal for the CSS scheme and it requires minimal inputs after sowing.

Contains: Mustard, Fodder Radish, White Millet, Phacelia, Buckwheat and Reed Millet

Bag Size: 8kg / 0.5ha