Brood Rearing

Brood Rearing Mixes

Oakbank have produced a small range of Nectar Flower Mixes that have been aimed directly at Wild Game Estates, providing an insect rich environment at the critical time of year. Tim has worked closely with the keepers on several estates to create mixes that are simple to establish but that deliver the goods.

They would all be eligible for the ELS Nectar Flower EF4 option, but HLS agreements may have specific prescriptions that we can also provide for you. For more help with HLS mixes, please contact the office.

Autumn Sown Brood Rearer

Contains: sainfoin, winter vetch, birdsfoot trefoil, lucerne, alsike clover, dwarf amenity ryegrass.

Bearing in mind some of the first pheasant broods are off in early May, sowing a brood rearing mix in the autumn is the only way to guarantee some insect-rich cover for the earliest broods. The legumes are relatively easy to establish and the ryegrass, included for sawfly larvae, is short and not competitive or invasive.

Pack Size: 8kgs
Sowing Rate: 20kgs/Ha