Gamecover Mixes

Gamecover Mixes

Gamemix 109  - Suitable for CSS, ELS and Game Cover

This is an inexpensive mix, ideal for the CSS scheme and it requires minimal inputs after sowing.

Contains: Mustard, Fodder Radish, White Millet, Phacelia, Buckwheat and Reed Millet

Bag Size: 8kg/0.5h

Gamemix 206 - Long Term Cover Option

This is a very popular mix that is inexpensive, simple to establish and will last for several years. Keepers across the country are delighted with the performance of this mix and it gives reliable, attractive cover for 5 seasons or more. It is not eligible for the ELS Scheme as a Wild Bird Mix.

Contains: Reed Millet, Perennial Chicory, Reed Canary Grass and Yellow Blossom Sweet Clover

Bag Size: 6kg/0.5h

Gamemix 313 - Partridge Heaven!

Another mix that we have used for many years now, as we have seen how Partridges love the cover it provides. The mix provides warm cover with lots of feed to hold the birds well into the season. It is debatable whether this meets the ELS rules and would recommend using the GM406 if that is what you are looking for, or you could simply add some Quinoa to this excellent mix.

Contains: Dwarf Grain Sorghum, Reed Millet, White Millet, Red Millet and Dwarf Sunflowers

Bag Size: 10kg/0.5h

Gamemix 416 - Suitable for CSS, ELS and Game Cover

This mix has been popular with our clients as it offers an ELS compatible mix, giving excellent cover for game and that can be kept clean with herbicide. The seed can be drilled with conventional farm kit, but benefits from a row width of 35 – 50cm

Contains: Spring Triticale, White Millet, Camelina (Gold Of Pleasure), Linseed and Dwarf Grain Sorghum

Bag Size: 25kg/0.5h

Corn Bunting Mix - Suitable for CSS, ELS and some HLS Agreements

This mix has primarily been designed to meet the requirements of several HLS clients that we have worked with, as it is a prescription mix for their agreements. This mix is actually for the Corn Buntings to both nest in, late into the summer, as well as feed on later in the season.

Contains: Spring Barley, Spring Triticale, Mustard and Red Clover

Bag Size: 25kg/0.5h

Tree Sparrow Mix - Suitable for CSS, ELS and some HLS Agreements

Like the Corn Bunting Mix, this is primarily aimed at HLS clients that need this for their HF12 prescriptions. However it is an excellent choice for farmland bird enthusiasts who are looking for a CSS mix that is very straightforward to grow.

Contains: Red Millet, White Millet, Spring Triticale, Spring Wheat and Quinoa

Bag Size: 25kg/0.5h

Oakbank Grass Weed Buster Mix - Suitable for CSS, ELS and some HLS Agreements

This is a fantastic wild bird seed mix that can be sprayed with a number of Graminicides to kill grass weeds, including Barnyard Grass and Foxtail Millet. We often add Kale and/or Chicory to this mix to make it last more than one year.

Contains: Buckwheat, Camelina, Fodder Radish, Quinoa, Mustard and Forage Rape

Bag Size: 15kg/h

Oakbank Catch Crop Mix - A fast growing rescue / stubble crop

This is a tried and tested recipe of fast growing Brassica species that work extremely well together, giving a mixture of cover and some feed for farmland birds. It is a very flexible mix with a wide sowing window, whether the seed is drilled or broadcast.

Contains: Forage Rape, Tyfon Stubble Turnips and Mustard

Bag Size: 5kg