Millet is a very palatable seed to a wide range of farmland birds, providing nutritious food well into the winter. There are a number of different types of millet available but we advise caution over the use of some of the more exotic types, as they seem to be a source of undesirable weeds eg Foxtail Millet. If you have problems with weed millet please contact Ian or Tim at the office as there are well proven methods of control.

Oakbank use either White and Red Millet for feed purposes, or Japanese Reed Millet for cover.

White Millet

White Millet is the most commonly used type as it is widely available and we have good sources of high quality seed. It can be sown on its own as a feed strip, but it is commonly used in mixtures with other crops that then provide longer lasting cover.

It can be either drilled or broadcast and rolled, but should not be put in deeper than 3cm. There are a number of herbicides that can be used on White or Red Millet, but please speak to a qualified advisor for specific instructions.

Pack Size -10kg Bag

Red Millet

Red Millet is a slightly earlier maturing type but we don't find that it produces the same volume of seed that the white varieties do. Best used as part of a mix.

Pack Size 10kg

Oakbank Milletmix

This is a combination of our popular White and Red Millets, aimed at giving a slightly wider feed window for your birds.

Pack Size 10kg