Misc Seed

Miscellaneous Seed


A very palatable seed that pheasants find hard to resist. A good species to include in a game mix although the unusual seed size and shape makes it tricky to drill with small seeds. Buckwheat is also very popular with deer and can be used to attract them into the open.

Bag size: 25kg


This small golden seed produces a plant similar in growth habit to linseed. It is very vigorous, growing on most soils and in most situations. It should only be included at a low inclusion rate in mixes otherwise it will smother the rest of the species. For this reason it is ideal in situations where there is a high weed burden, as it will out-compete most weeds. The seed it produces is very palatable and, although the plant ceases to provide effective cover past October, the pods hold onto the seed right through December providing a good food source.

Bag size: 5kg