Rescue Mixes

Rescue Mixes

Every grower of game covers has experienced the frustration of a failed crop, for any number of reasons. This can be a very serious problem for the shoot and so a number of different crops have been found to provide cover in a hurry. Don’t disregard the cause of your original failure as it may need to be rectified before you replant.

Oakbank Catch Crop Mix

This is a tried and tested recipe of fast growing Brassica species that work extremely well together, giving a mixture of cover and some feed for farmland birds. It contains forage rape, Tyfon stubble turnips and mustard, providing an excellent option whether the seed is drilled or broadcast.

Bag Size: 5kg

Alternatively we can supply the various species in a straight form so that you can use them as you wish.


After two years' involvement with Utopia we are very impressed with this fast growing brassica. It has not only rescued drives but has been an excellent kale substitute in later sowing situations. Due to its vigorous growth and total canopy very little grows underneath a good crop of Utopia so it is a useful crop on weedy sites. The only problems occur where it is drilled before the end of June or where it is sown too thick. In these situations it can grown too tall go to seed early as well as being too dense for game to access.

Bag Size: 2kg