Dwarf Grain Sorghum

Dwarf Grain Sorghum (Milo) provides an excellent canopy for game birds, standing through the season and will provide a natural food source in a warm summer. Our field assessments have shown there is considerable variability between varieties, both in terms of height and standing power as well as earliness of maturity and therefore capacity to produce seed.

Oakbank Milo

At Oakbank, we want to provide the best game cover combination available and we have therefore selected a US Dwarf Sorghum with the strongest stem strength and best canopy, then combined it with a French Grain Sorghum which regularly produces copious amounts of seed. Oakbank Milo is the ultimate dwarf sorghum and is a perfect partner to Oakbank Millet and Oakbank Maize. For herbicide and agronomy advice, please contact the office.

Bag Size: 10kg Seed Treatment – Thiram.

Sprint Grain Sorghum

Sprint Grain Sorghum is a little taller than the true dwarf varieties and it has the ability to produce useful quantities of seed in a normal, warm summer. It has a distinctive red seed head and stands very well throughout the season. We would recommend drilling Sprint at 20kg per hectare in rows 40-50cm apart.

Bag Size: 10kg Seed Treatment – Thiram.

Giant Sorghum

Giant Sorghum still has many fans for its warmth-giving properties, when used to surround other cover crops. It is very prone to lodging later in the season, but this provides an excellent habitat for pheasants to tuck themselves up out of the wind. It does not provide any food which may be an advantage if Rats, Badgers or Deer are causing you problems. Beaters regularly complain about the "Jungle" that can occur and it is very difficult to control a beating line if you can't see it!

However we are having excellent results with low rates of inclusion in an Oakbank Milo crop, to provide extra height and cover earlier in the season. The percentage inclusion depends upon your specific requirements, but 10-20% is a good average. The advantage is that even if the Giant Sorghum brackles over, the Milo will hold it off the floor and the crop is less dense for the Beaters. Ian is a particular fan of this mix and has had great success with it.

Bag Size: 10kg Seed Treatment: Thiram