Stewardship Mixes

Stewardship Mixes

Game Mix 109 - 10kg

This is a budget mix, but it will perform well for farmland birds and game. Cover and feed are provided by the mix of Reed and White Millet plus a blend of other small, palatable seeds.

Contains: Reed Millet, White Millet, Buckwheat, Mustard, Fodder Radish and Phacelia

Suitable for CSS and ELS

Pack size: 8kgs (0.5Ha)

Game Mix 313 - 10kg

A wonderful combination of food and cover to last the whole season. A particular favourite of partridges and of ‘keepers, this 4-5ft high crop produces steady flushes of birds from October to January.

Contains: Oakbank Milo, Dwarf Sunflowers, Reed Millet, Red and White Millet?

Suitable for ELS + CSS

Pack size: 10kgs (0.5Ha)

Stewardship Mixes