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Latest News

November Stewardship & Woodland News

ELS NOVEMBER – hedge and ditch bank cutting continues as does ditch cleaning.

Hedging and trees – if you are looking to plant a hedge or a new wood this winter please give us a call. We source all of our plants from an excellent, family-run Nursery in Yorkshire and the quality of the plants is exceptional.

EF23/HF24 and AB12 Supplementary Feeding – if you haven’t done so already then you should buy your small seed mix this month as the feeding period begins on the 1st Dec or 1st Jan, depending on your agreement. And even if you don’t have a stewardship agreement then feeding your farmland birds is something you should consider anyway! We have assumed that most people will use their own wheat from the shed to make up 65-70% of the mix but the balance then needs to be small seeds. We can make up bespoke mixes but we feel that our two standard mixes should cover most requirements. Packed in 25kg or ½ tonne bags. Please contact the office to discuss your requirements.

Budget Mix:    30%     White millet       30%     Black sunflowers      20%     Oilseed rape   20%     Red dari             

Premium Mix: 30%     White millet    25%     Oilseed rape    15%     Sunflower hearts   10%     Black sunflowers   10%     Red millet   10%     Canary seed                


Pre-winter stewardship check list:

Take photos of wild bird seed mix (winter bird food) plots, overwinter stubble fields and winter cover crops as evidence, should you have an inspection or be required to submit evidence with your annual claim.

Clear out gutters and check traditional farm buildings are weatherproof. Take photos of any work being done on your traditional farm buildings and ensure you log it in your plan.

Check new hedges to see if any failed whips need replacing.


Woodland News

What no Conkers?….The Horse Chestnut has been put on the official international extinction list. Devastated by moths and disease in recent years, it is now classified as vulnerable to extinction. The tree is among more than 400 native European tree species assessed for their risk of extinction by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). About half of them could disappear from the natural landscape. Read more in a BBC article here.


Record British fines for illegal tree felling A development firm was fined £300,000 for illegally felling trees on a site in Swansea; and the tree work contractor was fined £170,000. See here for BBC Wales article.

Standing timber price prediction A report by Bidwells indicates a stability in the present high values of standing timber in the UK,but flags up a glut in imports from the rest of Europe that is causing a temporary glitch in the price for home-grown timber. See Forestry Journal article here

Ever wondered what sorcery is behind autumn leave colour changes? The chemicals and reactions behind the colours of autumn leaves are explained here.

Christmas Gift idea for someone who has everything - The Wood Fire Handbook. A complete guide for that perfect fire, from understanding which trees make the best firewood, learning how to split, season, and store wood properly, to laying the perfect fire and choosing wood for its scent. New edition just out


Graduate opportunity – we are still looking for a graduate to join our sales and advisory team at Ellington. This is an exciting opportunity for someone with a good knowledge of modern agriculture and a passion for the countryside to join a dynamic company, working in the growth area of conservation agriculture, woodland and environmental delivery. For further information please contact Tim Furbank on 07843 378702 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.