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Woodland – we are pleased to announce the launch of a new Oakbank Woodland Division. We completed the purchase of the well-respected East Anglian woodland consultancy, Rod Pass Associates on 1st June. Rod’s business was built on a reputation for outstanding woodland management and his team of consultants (Karen Russell, Anita Stone and Arran Dennis) are amongst the best in the business. We have appointed Ross Guyton MICFor, MArborA, to run our new woodland division, with Rod Pass retained as a consultant. Ross comes with a highly experienced forestry and arboricultural background, working for Landmarc Support Services, managing large areas of forestry on MoD land. He is a keen shooting man and understands the importance of well-managed woodland to sporting estates.  Whether you are considering a CS funded management plan, need an estate wide tree hazard management policy developed, have ancient, semi-natural or conifer woodlands that need improving and managing, need help with marketing high-value timber or simply want to improve your woodland for shooting then we have the consultants to help you. The primary focus of the new Oakbank Woodland Division will be in East Anglia and the East Midlands but if you have a project further afield and want to talk to us about it then please give Ross a call on 07741 655785

ELS JuneNectar flower mixture (EF4) – between mid-June and the end of the first week of July you should cut half of the area of each nectar flower plot down to 20cm to stimulate late flowering. DO NOT CUT IF GROUND NESTING BIRDS ARE PRESENT. Permanent grassland with low inputs (EK2) – from 1st June can be cut, harrowed and rolled. If cut, the cuttings MUST be removed. Very low input grass (EK3) CANNOT be touched until 1st July.

MID-TIER CSWinter Bird Food (AB9) plots should be drilled by 15th June – they must be minimum 6m wide and 0.4Ha in size with maximum size of 5Ha.

Game Crops in June – PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR SLUGS. The recent wet weather has seen an explosion in slug activity and we have already had a few calls from customers who have already lost crops to these voracious pests! Please remember to get weed control carried out either pre-drilling or early post-emergence and get all the fertilizer on nice and early.    

Liquid Fertiliser – if you really want to give your crops a head start then why not go liquid! Bionature’s NHK Delta and 1-4 ALL applied at 2-3 leaves of the crop and again at 6-8 leaves has shown remarkable results, particularly on less good soils which struggle to hold nutrients. And it’s very cost-effective compared to solids as well. For more info please contact Tim Furbank This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07843378702