Coming from the treeless Marshes of Kent, Will’s interest of trees came from the small woodland owned by his family where summers were spent building bike jumps in the surrounding sweet chestnut coppices. After a few months spent studying geology, Will quickly realised that he wanted to study something he enjoyed and switched to a degree in woodland ecology and conservation at the University of Cumbria where he achieved a 2:1.

While living in Cumbria, Will worked on several estates as a forester working on large spruce felling, ride clearance, thinning, coppicing, timber extraction and drystone walling. One of the estates was a large sporting estate where Will worked closely with the gamekeeper to ensure the forestry works were sympathetic to the interests of the shoot as well as to the woodland structure and to meet stewardship targets.

To earn money at University, Will also worked as a builder, specialising in the installation of stoves and flue systems, and as a grass cutter for highways and councils. He is always keen to try his hand at new things, recently installing a new oak hayloft floor in a 17th century barn.

Will has a particular interest in the effects of forestry upon watercourses and their quality, a topic he studied in depth while at university; in particular the amount of canopy cover along streams and what effect this can have upon the stream quality and aquatic life.

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