Woodland Grants

HS2 Woodland fund

Funding has been made available through the forestry commission to plant woodland within 25 miles of the new HS2 train line. The application process should be easier that a CS woodland creation grant and it also pays more money (up to £8,500/ha).

Minimum sizes are as follows;

·         If you want to extend existing ancient woodland the minimum application area is 1ha and minimum block size is  0.1ha

·         For planting standalone woodland minimum block size is 5ha

·         For PAWs (plantations on ancient woodland sites) minimum application is 0.5ha, minimum felling coupe size is 0.1ha

If your farm falls within the eligibility area marked on the map below and you would like to plant some woodland then please contact Matt on 01480 890686 to arrange a meeting.


Woodland Creation grants 2018

The window for Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation grants opens 2 January 2018. Contact Matt in the office now to begin looking at the potential for your farm. 

Farmer's Weekly woodland creation article