Nectar Flower Mixes

Nectar Flower Mix

Oakbank have produced a small range of Nectar Flower Mixes that have been aimed directly at Wild Game Estates, providing an insect rich environment at the critical time of year. Tim has worked closely with the keepers on several estates to create mixes that are simple to establish but that deliver the goods.

For more help with HLS mixes, please contact the office.

Nectar Flower Mixes: Suitable for Mid-Tier AB1 (£511/ha) or ELS EF4 (£450/ha) the following mixes are all stewardship compliant


Nectar Rich Gold

Standard nectar mix for the new Mid-Tier CS
Contains sainfoin, vetch, alsike clover, red clover, birdsfoot trefoil, lucerne, black knapweed, musk mallow
Seed treatment – Nitrogen gold inoculum (Lucerne)
Bag size – 12kg (hectare)


Celtic Mix

The Oakbank slant on the new AB1 option provides a bit more winter cover with the inclusion of chicory and summer cover in year 1 by adding mustard
Contains lucerne, chicory, vetch, birdsfoot trefoil, mustard, black knapweed, oxeye daisy, sainfoin
Seed treatment – Nitrogen gold inoculum (Lucerne)
Bag size – 12kg (hectare)


Oakbank Honey Bee Mix

Several bee-keepers have asked us for a Stewardship compliant mix containing species favoured by honey bees so here it is
Contains borage, phacelia, sweet clover, alsike clover, red clover, common knapweed, selfheal
Seed treatment – recleaned only
Bag size – 6kg (half hectare)

Flower-rich margins and plots: suitable for mid-tier AB8 (£539/ha)


Oakbank AB8 Mix

90:10 grass:flower mix
A mix designed to tick the boxes for mid-tier CS as well as provide some colour and insect-interest 
Uses agricultural cultivars of some flowers to keep the cost down
Contains slender creeping red fescue, chewings fescue, smooth stalked meadow grass, common bent, crested dogstail, small leaf timothy, birdsfoot trefoil (ag), yarrow (ag), selfheal, oxeye daisy, black knapweed, ribwort plantain
 Seed treatment – recleaned only
 Bag size – 20kg (hectare)

Oakbank AB8 Premium Mix

A similar mix to the budget mix but using only native wild flowers
Native flowers deliver more in the way of diversity and longevity 
Yellow rattle included to suppress the grasses
Contains same grasses as the budget mix but the following flowers (all native): yellow rattle, lady's bedstraw, yarrow, oxeye daisy, wild carrot, black knapweed, selfheal, ribwort plantain
Seed treatment – recleaned only
Bag size – 20kg (hectare)

For customers with a real passion for wild flora we can make up grass and native wild flower mixes for specific soil types such as chalky loam and clay soils but these tend to be bespoke mixes depending on your requirement and budget!

Two-year sown legume fallow: Suitable for mid-tier AB15 option (£522/ha)



Oakbank AB15 Mix

Good option for blackgrass control providing establishment is done correctly
Helps pollinators and delivers invertebrate chick food for farmland birds
Contains intermediate perennial ryegrass, cocksfoot, red clover, winter vetch, birdsfoot trefoil, black knapweed
Seed treatment - recleaned only
Bag size – 15kg (half hectare)


Nectar Flower Mixes