Wild Bird Seed Mixtures

Wild Bird Seed Mixture

The various Stewardship Schemes have different rules depending upon which scheme you are in and which option you have chosen.  If you are not sure, please contact Oakbank to discuss what you are looking for and how to get the best out of it.  We are closely involved with Natural England in this area, running training sessions for their advisors and consulting about mixture configurations.  Our experience is that NE are looking for growers to be successful, so the rules are not there to make this harder.  We can provide a full agronomy package for your mixture.

Our standard mixtures cover a wide range of situations, but we also offer a Bespoke Mixing service when required.

Wild bird seed mixes: suitable for Mid-Tier AB9 (£640/ha) or ELS EF2 (£450/ha) the following mixes are all stewardship compliant. 

Corn Bunting Mix

Designed by the RSPB specifically for corn buntings
Contains spring barley, spring triticale, mustard, red clover
Seed treatment – Redigo Pro (barley and triticale)
Bag size – 25kg (half hectare)

Tree Sparrow Mix

Another targeted mix containing species favoured by the tree sparrow
Contains spring triticale, spring wheat, quinoa, white and red millet
Seed treatment – Redigo Pro (wheat and triticale)
 Bag size – 25kg (half hectare)

Oakbank Farmland Bird Mix

A more generalist wild bird seed mix providing some insect interest as well
Lots of winter food
Can be mixed with kale to produce a two-year crop
Contains spring triticale, spring barley, white, red and reed millet, mustard, fodder radish, phacelia, quinoa
Seed treatment – Redigo Pro(barley and triticale)
Bag size – 25kg (half hectare)

Yorkshire Cereal Mix

Easy to establish
Post-emergence broad leaf weed control
Contains spring wheat, spring barley, spring triticale, linseed
Seed treatment – Redigo Pro (barley, wheat and triticale)
Bag size – 25kg (half hectare)

Oakbank Autumn Sown Bumblebird Mix: suitable for Mid-Tier AB16 (£550/ha)

Establish in September for two-year crop
Delivers good insect-rich brood rearing the following spring/summer and the spring/summer after that
Only provides winter food and cover in the second winter
Good option for wild bird shoots in rotation with AB9
Contains winter wheat, winter barley, winter triticale, winter vetch, camelina, fodder radish, stubble turnip, gruner angelita kale, sweet clover, birdsfoot trefoil, oxeye daisy, phacelia, crimson clover
Seed treatment – Redigo Pro (barley, wheat and triticale)
Bag size – 25kg (half hectare)