Unless you are on easy working soils our view is that you should avoid using the plough in the spring.

This is in direct contradiction to some of our competitors but I doubt that many of them have the practical experience that we do of many years farming heavy soils. We have seen some competitors banging on about ploughing early, meaning as soon as possible after the shooting season. Ploughing early on heavy ground means in September/October so that the ground is ploughed dry and allowed to weather properly over the winter.

Ploughing heavy land when wet, in February, usually creates all sorts of problems with the soil structure and means bashing it to death with the power harrow in April and May, thereby losing the all important soil moisture. Ploughing some sites may also create ideal conditions for soil erosion, a very serious issue for some farms.

We see far too many game crops failing because the soil structure is wrecked through cultivating in poor conditions with the wrong equipment. If the soil structure is poor it is less able to retain nutrients, creating a poor root zone and making it less able to support microbial life essential to a healthy soil.