Chest Mounted Spreader

The Earthway EV3100 is a superb piece of kit for any farmer or gamekeeper as it gives you the ability to quickly and accurately spread many different products. The calibration system is very simple but it allows micro adjustments to get both the seed rate and the spread pattern just right for your particular job. The spreader can be used with seeds, fertiliser, slug pellets, feed grains or pellets and many other products including salt as an Ice-Melt in yards, etc. The chest harness is very comfortable and allows the user to spread Mustard and other catch crops into standing corn before harvest, without damaging the existing crop.

For more information contact us at the office on 01480 890686.
Price £175+ Vat

Micron Accudose Sprayer

This backpack sprayer is ideal for taking out problem weeds such as Docks, Thistles or Ragwort in a restricted area, such as a field margin or Wild Bird Seed Mixture. It holds a relatively small amount of spray in a convenient backpack that is not too heavy for the user. The accurate spraygun delivers a measured dose of the chemical in a restricted area so the effect is limited to the target plant. There is a marker dye available for the spray gun so that the operator can see exactly where the chemical has been put.

For further details please contact Tim at the office on 01480 890686.
Price £65 + VAT