Rescue Mixes

Rescue Mixes

Every grower of game covers has experienced the frustration of a failed crop, for any number of reasons. This can be a very serious problem for the shoot and so a number of different crops have been found to provide cover in a hurry. Don’t disregard the cause of your original failure as it may need to be rectified before you replant.

Oakbank Rescue Mix

Contains tyfon stubble turnip forage rape and mustard
Seed treatment – recleaned only
Bag size – 5kg


The best late sown brassica for game
Canopy similar to kale
Don’t drill too early or crop will bolt and flower 
Seed treatment – recleaned only
Bag size - 2kg


Fodder Radish

Fodder Radish has proven to be an excellent game cover crop for late sowing. It has extremely vigorous growth and is resistant to brassica sickness. Care needs to be taken when including this component in mixtures, as it can become very dominant if included at too high a rate. Farmland birds, such as Linnet, love the large nutricious seeds and frequent these crops in large numbers. Many keepers are beginning to appreciate what a fantastic partridge cover this species provides at a very affordable price.

Bag Size: 10kgs

Forage Rape

A fast growing brassica with greater winter-hardiness than fodder radish, mustard or stubble turnips. Like stubble turnips, can be grazed after the season.

Bag size: 10kgs

White Mustard

Catch crop, soil improver, set-aside cover, green manure, mustard is the versatile and value for money brassica. Often used to make winter stubbles more interesting and a safer habitat for game, everyone should have a bag of mustard handy to splash it around after harvest! Take a look at our Earthway Seeders to make planting all your stubble crops more simple and accurate.

Bag Size: 10 or 25kgs

Stubble Turnip

A proven winner with grey partridge, stubble turnips have the added advantage of being very palatable to sheep so you can keep the farmer happy after the season (and maybe get a cheaper rent!)

Great when grown on their own but often mixed with other species, such as Mustard or Kale Rape, to provide a good thick game cover. On very exposed plots, or where you want a taller cover, consider using Tyfon as an alternative as they are a more winter-hardy type of bolting stubble turnip.

Bag Size: 10kgs